What My Clients Say about Me


Founder of OutsourcingBD

Since 2020 we have been going through outsourcing and freelancing training. I am also, a professional and successful digital marketer at Fiverr marketplace. So far I have successfully completed lots of orders and trained many students in digital marketing. All the hidden tips on how to earn or how to earn from Marketplace will be provided. If you are interested in working online on digital marketing in other marketplaces including Fiverr, contact us today. Md. Golzar Hossain,the founder of the organization, took all the classes himself. Classes are not taken with any part time teacher. However, there are support team members to provide support. He has made all the video tutorials himself. Classes are held online every day from 10pm to 12pm. None of our videos are uploaded to YouTube. All videos are given privately. We have a total of video tutorials on all the ways to earn money online and are taught in online classes. If you share any of your problems with us, we will cooperate with our best inshaAllah.